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Your Life Cannot Stay In a Holding Pattern - God Will Break That Today!

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Pastor Joe Persaud

Are you Feeling Stuck in Your Life?

How can you delay your blessing? Because God has blessings and miracles that's flowing everyday. But how can you find it? Many times people look to somebody and see they're rejoicing in the Lord, and then yourself standing dry. Some people, you are wondering how it is they are enjoying their time with the Lord, but you don't know what's happening. Only when you come to church do you feel a little bit, but when you go home it little different. You are feeling like you are stuck. You are feeling stuck in your tradition, connectivity with the people, who you know you feel stuck like you. You need to push start.

God Is Ready to Give You a Push and Take You to Your Next Level

Sometimes, when you look at your life and the things that are hitting you left, right and center. You want to know, where it are going to find faith, courage and the way to go to the next level. Sometimes you don't know to understand God is just there; you may not feel him, but he is there, and he is ready to give you a push. He is ready to take you to your next level. Many times God is waiting here to give you a push and you are on the other side just crying in your troubles. God is saying, "Could you come over own my side because I am ready to push you". Your next level will never be reached if you stay where you are.

God has a way, he will rest your mind, mentality, facility, your freewill, soul, spirit and your body. He will put it together, and He will do something that is all sufficient, and bring you to a place that is Stable, Fruitful, Holy, and Pure. You're living below in your blessings, miracles. If God wants to bless you, you need to step up and go higher.

The devil is a liar, and he will down the people on a holding pattern. As well as bringing down individuals, he also wants to bring down all nations. He took the children of Israel, and they were in Egypt's land for 430 years. They were there, but they did not understand that there was a better life. But there was a man called Moses, who God called to tell them that they had a better life. Sometimes God needs to be sent to somebody to let you know there is a better life. Jesus is telling you that there is a better life than the one you are living now.

The reasons behind Israelites under Holding Pattern

1. The children of Israel where addicted to murmuring (Exodus 16: 2)

The Israelites forgot the miracles, the God would do for them in the land of Egypt, and started murmuring against God. Some believers who are just complaining, they don't remember where God brought them out of their hell and high water. They have been brought to a new land by God, but their memory is short.

The devil would like to get a bunch of people to murmur. When he can get a whole set of people to murmur, he then starts having celebrations in the halls of hell. Don't join the murmuring crowd, join the praising crowd. Don't join the angry crowd, Join the celebrating crowd.

2. The children of Israel where addicted to Worshipping wrong Gods (Exodus 32: 1)

Israelites knew that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was the true and living God. However, when they arrived in Egypt they saw the worship of false gods. They were not only addicted to murmuring, but also to idolatry.

You may not have a calf that is built like Aaron, but if you put anything in front of your God, you have become an idolater. Remember, idolatry is a sin; it will cause you to go around in circles, make you mad, and prevent you from moving on.

3. The children of Israel could not see the goods, all they saw was the bad (Numbers: 13: 30)

The children of Israel were addicted to bad news. The Twelve Spies, were sent out by the man of God to go to the land of Canaan, and spy. People who are in the negative camp want to spread lies about the land. In the end, all twelve spies died because they saw Negativity, except Joshua and Caleb.

How do you break out of your holding pattern?

Take a deep dive back into the name of Jesus, get a refuel, because God is not finished with you, he has just begun.

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