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The Great Angelic Visitation

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Pastor Joe Persaud

What Does It Mean to Be Used by God?

Many people believe that they are too old or too young to be used by God. However, the truth is that God can use anyone, regardless of their age or background. As humans, we often limit ourselves and think that we are not capable of fulfilling our purpose in life. But the reality is that we were all created for a specific purpose, and it is up to us to discover what that purpose is and fulfill it.

God's delay is not his denial. We must remember that God has called us to fulfill our purpose before we leave this earth. He has created us and birthed us for a time such as this. We must trust in Him and have faith that He will guide us in the right direction. Even when it seems like we are going through the motions, we must remember that we are here to serve the Lord. He is watching us every step of the way, and He will guide us through the dark moments in our lives.

It's never too late or too early to be used by God. Mary was a young girl when God called her, and Elizabeth was up in age when God used her. Age will not stop what God is about to do over you. So, are you ready to be used by God? No matter what your position is in the world, say, "I am ready to be used by God." Trust in Him, and He will guide you towards your purpose in life. Remember, God's not finished with you. He's just getting started.

The Declaration in the Temple

Zechariah, the priest who was called to burn incense in the temple that day, you may have thought that your time has passed and that what you've been praying for is impossible. But we have to be in the right place for God to answer our prayers

In Zechariah's life, God chose to answer his prayers in a spiritual setting. He was in the temple, offering his incense before God, when an angel appeared and told him that his prayers for a son had been answered. Zechariah was astonished, but he learned that when God is ready to do anything, nothing is impossible.

Likewise, we must position ourselves in the right place for God to answer our prayers. It could be that by coming into the house of God, we are opening ourselves up to the possibility of receiving the miracle that we've been praying for. Our incense before God is our praise, our worship, our thanksgiving, and our lifting of hands. When we stand in the holy place, we are positioning ourselves to hear from God and to receive what He has for us.

So if you're feeling discouraged and like your miracle has passed you by, remember Zechariah and the power of positioning yourself in the right place for God to answer your prayers. Keep praying, keep worshiping, and keep trusting that nothing is impossible with God.

The Angelic annunciation to Mary

During this time, Gabriel, an angel of God, appears to Zechariah in the temple. Six months later, the same angel appears to Mary, a young girl. Gabriel tells Mary that she is highly favored by God and that she has been chosen to bear a son. The son will be named Jesus and will be great. He will be called the son of the highest, and the Lord God will give him the throne of the Father David. The son will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and his kingdom will never end. Upon hearing this news, Mary expresses disbelief, asking the angel how it is possible for her to conceive a child since she has never been intimate with a man. The angel responds by telling her that the Holy Ghost will come upon her, and through this divine intervention, she will conceive a child.

Mary’s Visitation to Elizabeth

Mary visited Elizabeth when she was six months pregnant. As Mary arrived, the Bible says that Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost and her baby leaped in her womb. There is a difference between how the Holy Ghost came upon Mary and how Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost. To be filled means to be empowered. John the Baptist was empowered in Elizabeth's womb because he was going to do great and mighty things. Mary's visit to Elizabeth was strategic. She went to Elizabeth's house in the first month of her own pregnancy when Elizabeth was in her sixth month. Elizabeth had been hidden for six months because God told her to hide and not let people see her. Sometimes, you have to be hidden in Christ while God works on your character. Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months because Elizabeth was not going to judge her. If you're filled with the Holy Ghost, you should be a praiser, not a judger.

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