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A Place to Call HOME

We want you to connect via our online services or join us in person. We have a great Word from the Bible, along with wonderful music and worship

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लिबर्टी बाइबिल फेलोशिप चर्च

SERVICE TIMES  |  10 AM on Sundays online or in person. A great welcome awaits you!


Kenya John-Romakhin

The power of God really moves in this place. I received my deliverance from this church. And I urge those who are lost and desperate for Christ to really come to this church. You’re life will never be the same.

Cynthelene Isaac

My greatest experience i baptize in that church, pastor Joe make me fall in love with my Lord and savior week after week what a man of god true man of god, it is my church for life! God planted me there for life . Liberty Bible Fellowship have the greatest worship leader wish everyone can come to experience that. Almighty God bless everyone

Vipin K Varghese, India

Blessed Church, an anointed Pastor. We can feel the high presence of the Holy Spirit.

हमसे ONLINE  जुड़ें
हम हर रविवार को ऑनलाइन और व्यक्तिगत रूप से मिलते हैं। 

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